France food – 10 dishes to try during your ski holiday

France have some of the best food in the world – here are 10 local dishes you need to try during your ski holiday in Morzine or Les Gets.


France food – 10 dishes to try during your ski holiday

Never underestimate the power of top-quality cuisine to put a smile on your face. Fortunately, French food is famous the world over for its oozy cheese, premium wine and exquisite desserts – and on your trip to Morzine or Les Gets, you can indulge and explore this decadent culinary world to your heart’s content. Whether you’re racking up the kilometres on the slopes, or simply there for the après ski, we’ve selected some of the best local and most beloved dishes from the Savoyard region. Bon appétit!

Food in France: 10 local dishes you have to try!

Tartiflette and green salad

This creamy oven bake is the epitome of French mountain food. Decadent, gooey and utterly delicious, a traditional tartiflette consists of soft Reblochon cheese, potatoes, bacon and cream baked together in a skillet until it bubbles. The quintessential comfort food, this is the ultimate warming feast after a day on the peaks. A side order of green salad provides some essential vitamins, while the acidic flavours of pickled vegetables cuts through the richness. This classic dish can be found in almost every restaurant in Morzine and Les Gets.

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From chocolate feasts to creamy pots of cheese, fondue has evolved many times since it was first promoted as a Swiss national dish in the 1930s. In Haute-Savoie, chefs cook up a range of variations on this classic dish, which consists of a dish of melting cheese combined with wine, cognac or brandy. Served communally in a ceramic pot heated from the base, dipping crusty slabs of bread, mushrooms or cured meat into the melted cheese is a fun way to dine out and the ultimate French food experience.


Also known as “gallows”, potence is a veritable feast for meat eaters. Diners can watch as your waiter affixes hunks of top-quality raw beef to a series of spikes on a sizzling hot iron structure, which is then brought to your table. A whiskey-based liquid is usually applied to flambee the meat, after which time you and your party can slowly devour each cube. As well as being a theatrical way to serve steak, it’s also an absolute treat for carnivores.

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Raclette Savoyarde

Raclette is a strong, cow’s milk cheese that’s perfect for melting and forms the basis of this dish. In this sense, it’s similar to a fondue, but instead of dipping items in the melted cheese, you scrape and pour the molten wedge of cheese over a selection of potatoes and meats. Enjoy it with some pickled vegetables, such as cornichons, to cut through the creaminess. Raclette also pairs well with the local Haute-Savoie white wines, such as Apremont or Crépy.

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Hailing from Savoy, diots are a traditional sausage prepared with a combination of ground pork and seasoned with nutmeg, salt and pepper. The most popular way of preparing diots is boiled in white wine with garlic and onions, known as diots au vin blanc. This hearty dish is usually served with boiled potatoes, polenta or lentils, with a good dollop of Dijon mustard.

Arctic char from Lake Geneva

Arctic char is a succulent freshwater fish native to Alpine Lakes. Its pink flesh is very similar to salmon or trout in flavour and it can be grilled, broiled, baked or pan-fried. At La Biskatcha in Les Gets, you can enjoy locally-sourced char from Lake Geneva, flavoured with fennel and cardamom and served with fresh Romanesco grapes for a delicious and nutritious French food experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Croûte savoyarde

Another French dish that makes maximum use of the delicious cheeses originating from this part of the world, croûte savoyarde may sound fancy but it’s actually rather simple, as the best things often are. In essence, croûte savoyarde is an elevated cheese on toast. Comforting and quick to assemble, croûte savoyarde is an open-faced sandwich drenched in melted cheese, soaked in white wine, rubbed with garlic and topped with ham and fried egg. Absolute heaven.


Start your day with a smile with a warm batch of fresh croissants delivered directly to your doorstep, courtesy of Hunter Chalets. These buttery, flaky pastry treats are delicious, whatever time of day it is – but enjoyed warm with a steaming cup of coffee, while you rub the sleep from your eyes and gaze out across the snowy peaks. Très bon…


French food is renowned the world over for its classic desserts and beignets are a great place to start on your sweet culinary journey. Similar to doughnuts, beignets are soft, square, deep-fried and sugar-coated treats that are delicious. And with different regional variations and names, there are plenty to sample.

Local trout from Lac Mines d’Or

Located just 15 minutes from the centre of Morzine, Lac Mines d’Or is well-known for its fario and rainbow trout. Restaurants around Morzine and Les Gets often make the most of the lake’s bounty with fresh catches on their menus. Look out for trout meunière, a trout fillet served with a lemon and butter sauce. You might also find fresh trout fillets with potato fondant and broccolini.

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