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Travel to France from UK - Les Gets
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1 August 2022

From today (1 August 2022), all COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted for those travelling from the UK.

You no longer need:- proof of vaccination
– to fill out travel forms or a sworn statement
– proof of a negative PCR or antigen test upon arrival in France

Check out for the full details.

15 March 2022


From 4am on Friday 18 March, the UK will remove the remaining COVID-19 international travel restrictions for all passengers.

This means that if you are travelling back to the UK from France, you will no longer have to:

  • Take a test
  • Complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

You can find full details at

14 March 2022

NEWS: the Pass Sanitaire and Pass Vaccinal end today!Life will be a lot simpler in the resorts of Morzine and Les Gets. Come and enjoy some last-minute skiing or give us a shout to plan a summer stay.

4 March 2022

News just in! From Monday 14 March, the Pass Vaccinal / Pass Sanitaire will come to an end and face masks will no longer be compulsory indoors! This is fantastic news, especially for families with teens, and makes the whole holiday experience even easier.

We have availability w/c 20 March and have made some big reductions, so now seems like the perfect time to get your ski fix before the end of the season.

12 February 2022

No more tests for fully vaccinated Brits travelling to France!

As of Saturday 12 February, France has scrapped the PCR entry test requirement for fully vaccinated Brits.

Following the UK’s removal of the day 2 test for vaccinated travellers returning to the UK, you now don’t need any tests to go skiing in France if you have a valid vaccination certificate.

There’s one more change coming soon too: from 15 February 2022, the vaccine validity period for France’s Pass Vaccinal is changing. 

Currently, if you’ve been vaccinated for more than 7 months, you need a booster to get your Pass Vaccinal. From 15 February, this period of validity is shortening to 4 months.

Safe travels and we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

11 February 2022

More good news for those travelling to France from the UK; you no longer need a day 2 PCR test when you’re back in the UK if you’re fully vaccinated.

So from 4am on 11 February 2022, you won’t need to book a day 2 test, add it to your passenger locator form or take it when you’re home. That’s one more thing off the to-do list so you can spend more time enjoying the slopes!

14 January 2022

Fully vaccinated travellers can now travel from the UK to France for ski holidays. You no longer need to have a compelling reason or quarantine on arrival, which means ski holidays are back on!

We’re so excited to welcome you back to the slopes. Read on to find out what the entry requirements are for travelling from the UK to France.

We’re keeping an eye out on the latest updates and will add to this page as soon as anything changes.

5 January 2022

There have been a few news updates today for our UK guests. There is no longer a pre-departure test before flying back to England. The Day 2 PCR test on your return home has also been replaced with a lateral flow test and you do not have to quarantine to wait for the results. These changes are for double vaccinated/boosted travellers from 4am on Friday and are a step in the right direction when travel does open up again. The list of compelling reasons for travelling to France from the UK has also been updated to include some professional reasons.A date for reopening the border for Brits is also due to be discussed next week (Wednesday 12 Jan) at the next defence council meeting. We hope to bring you positive news very soon.

16 December 2021

From Saturday 18 December 2021, travel from the UK to France is only allowed for people with an essential reason. We will be keeping a close eye on this and will update this page as soon as anything changes.

This walk-through is for fully vaccinated guests with an essential reason for travel from England and was correct as of 15 February 2022.

Before you travel to France from the UK

Book your flights and chalet

Maison D'Hiver
Maison D’Hiver

Most of our guests fly into Geneva airport in Switzerland. From here, it’s about an hour and a quarter transfer to the resorts of Morzine and Les Gets, which we can arrange for you. Airlines flying to Geneva include British Airways, easyJet and SWISS. Other airport options, which are further afield, include Lyon and Grenoble. You can also read our feature about driving to Morzine from the UK.

Give us a call on 0203 745 3452 for our latest chalet prices and availability or if you have any questions about a ski holiday in Morzine or Les Gets.

Book insurance

As soon as you book your flights and chalet, we highly recommend taking out travel insurance with COVID-cover in case of an emergency or if you require an extended stay.

Book a COVID-19 test

If you are flying into Geneva: You do not need a test to travel through Switzerland or to enter France.

Children under 12 and children aged 12 years old or over who are not fully vaccinated but are travelling with a fully vaccinated adult do not need to take a test to enter France.

If you are flying into France: You do not need a test to travel to France.

Children under 12 and children aged 12 years old or over who are not fully vaccinated but are travelling with a fully vaccinated adult do not need to take a test to enter France.

Complete France’s Sworn Statement

Download the Sworn Statement, fill it out and take the form with you when you travel. This form asks you to self-certify that you’re not suffering with symptoms of COVID-19 and that you’ve had no contact with any positive cases in the two weeks prior to departure. It’s the ‘Sworn statement’ form that you need to download.

Complete the Switzerland entry form

If you are flying into Geneva from England and transiting directly to France within 24 hours without a stopover, you don’t have to quarantine. You will need to fill out Switzerland’s entry form online to details the countries you are travelling to (Switzerland and France). Ensure you put that you are transiting.

After filling out the form, you will be emailed an official form with a QR code. You will need to show this QR code/form at check-in.

Proof that you have been fully vaccinated

You’ll also need proof of your vaccination status at almost every step of your journey. You can do this by showing the QR code on your NHS app, but we highly recommend printing it out, too, in case your battery goes flat. It’s also easier to pop in your passport and wallet and keep to hand with the rest of your docs. During your holiday, you will also need to show this QR code in every restaurant and café or indoor attraction to enter. 

Here’s our guide to downloading the PDF NHS Covid Travel Pass QR code. You won’t need to apply for the French “Pass Vaccinal” (formerly “Pass Sanitaire”) version if you do this:

  • Simply download the NHS App on your mobile
  • Select “Get your NHS Covid pass”, then select “Travel Pass
  • Download a PDF copy to your phone or save it to your Apple Wallet. Alternatively, select ‘Receive an offline copy by email’ and print a copy to take with you.

Make sure your PDF copy is dated from 1 November 2021 so it can be scanned successfully.

Vaccination requirements for France

Your final vaccine dose must have been 7 days before travelling for Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna, or 28 days after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

Note that France’s entry requirements state that if you are 18 years and 1 month or over and have been vaccinated for 9 months or longer, you need a booster jab for your vaccine to be valid. Otherwise, you’ll have to follow the same requirements as for unvaccinated travellers.

For vaccination requirements for the health pass or “Pass Vaccinal” in France, see the During your stay section. 

Driving to Morzine from the UK

Travelling to France from the U.K - driving to Morzine

If you’re driving to Morzine from the UK, don’t forget you’ll need to swap your GB sticker for a new UK one.

Travelling with children

Children aged 17 and under who are travelling to France from the UK don’t need to provide a COVID test result before travelling.

When returning to the UK, children aged 17 and under do not need COVID travel tests.

Quick checklist for the airport:

  • Signed French sworn statement
  • Passport (with at least six months’ validity remaining)
  • Flight booking confirmation and boarding passes
  • If flying into Geneva, the Switzerland entry form QR code
  • Proof you are fully vaccinated from the NHS app

During your stay

Face masks

Face masks are still required in all enclosed public spaces in France and bars, restaurants, events, ski lifts and crowded places, unless eating or drinking.

NHS Covid Travel Pass/Pass Vaccinal

You will need a health pass called a Pass Vaccinal to show you are fully vaccinated a few times during your holiday. A Pass Vaccinal is required to use ski lifts and access restaurants, bars and experiences such as Alta Lumina.

For anyone aged 16 and over, your NHS Travel Pass will be accepted as your Pass Vaccinal.

Venues will scan your NHS Travel Pass QR code (see how to download this above). It’s worth printing this out and keeping in it your ski jacket, taking a photo of the code on your phone and/or adding it to your Apple Wallet. Whatever you find easiest and quickest to show you are fully vaccinated.

Note that the vaccination requirements for the Pass Vaccinal are stricter than the requirement for entering France. To be considered fully vaccinated to enter France, you need a booster if you’re an adult (18 years and 1 month) and have been vaccinated for nine months or longer.

For the Pass Vaccinal, you need a booster if you have been vaccinated for seven months or longer. From 15 February 2022, the seven months is reducing to four months (i.e. you need proof of a booster if you have been fully vaccinated for 4 months or longer). 

Travelling with teens

Anyone over 12 years and 2 months up to 16 years old will also need a valid health pass to use ski lifts, enter restaurants and enjoy experiences such as Alta Lumina. This is called the Pass Sanitaire.

Teens aged 12 years and 2 months to 16 years who are not fully vaccinated (two doses of an approved vaccine) can get their Pass Sanitaire by taking a COVID-19 test every 24 hours at one of the pharmacies in Morzine and Les Gets. Tests are costing around 25-30 euros and last 24 hours. The tests only take a few minutes to conduct and you get the results in around 20 minutes. You can walk-in (though try to avoid lunchtimes and the last hour of opening) and some pharmacies allow you to book in advance. You can find out more about booking tests on the Morzine Source webpage.

Returning to the UK from France

Fully vaccinated travellers flying back to England do not need to take a test before returning to the UK.

Passenger Locator Form

You’ll need to complete a Passenger Locator Form 48 hours before you are due to arrive back in the UK. It’s free to complete. Remember, if you are flying back from Geneva, you are departing from Switzerland. You’ll also need to give details of your Hunter Chalet accommodation in France.

Keep an eye on travel updates

Please keep an eye on government updates to travel advice in case there are changes nearer to your travel date. We hope we’ve made the minefield of paperwork a little less confusing. If you haven’t booked your ski holiday yet, get in touch with us on LiveChat or give us a call.

Key websites to keep an eye on:

France travel advice

Switzerland travel advice

Travelcheck: can I travel to Switzerland?

Contact us

For reservations and further information, email or call us:

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