A family ski holiday in Morzine

Want to find out how to make the most of your ski holiday? We are speaking to Avoriaz Alpine Ski School to bring you the best tips on skiing in Les Portes du Soleil.
Hunter Chalets

The Portes du Soleil ski area is huge and we love so many areas it’s difficult to choose a favourite! What would you say is the best area for families to ski, in particular families with mixed abilities of skiing?

Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

There are so many options in and around Avoriaz which can please family groups with mixed abilities – you can either keep the whole family together on the same run or stay in the same area/bowl where you can all meet at the bottom.

For example, the Proclou and Super Morzine areas offer gentle blue runs for lower intermediate skiers which also offer plenty of challenges and fun terrain for the better members of the group. Whilst some skiers may be practising their parallel turns on wide open and well groomed pistes, others may be trying the jumps and boxes of the mini stash which runs down alongside the same run. Then on the Tetras and Zore pistes towards Super Morzine there are countless options to ski just off the sides of the pistes and nip in and out of the trees which can entertain the more advanced members of the group whilst staying within the comfort zone of any more nervous skiers.

The Lindarets Bowl has a handful of different blue runs which weave their way down a forested bowl which has lots of jumps at the sides of the pistes and tracks through the woods. All the runs meet at the same lifts at the bottom so you could stay together as a group or meet at one of the restaurants in an hour.

We could go on and on, but to put it simply, there are lots of gentle blue runs in Avoriaz with plenty of terrain and challenges to keep the most advanced skiers happy – that’s why it’s great for mixed ability groups and families.

Hunter Chalets

What about for the adrenaline junkies? Where would you take them to and what sort of skiing can they expect to find?

Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

The adrenaline junkies may be more interested in the steeper runs, the off-piste and jumps and rails of the terrain parks. Again, the ski area around Avoriaz has these in abundance and it is because this ski resort has options for everyone that we are so in love with the place.

Try the Chapelle Park near our meeting point for a progression of jumps from tiny greens for first time jumpers to black kickers for the most advanced. Head here in the afternoons for beautiful sunset views.

The Grand Combes Chairlift has some challenging red and very steep black runs, as well as plenty of options for off-piste skiing and exploring through the trees. Be aware, skiing off-piste is inherently dangerous and we highly recommend hiring an instructor to show you where to go, make you aware of the dangers and how to stay safe and teach you the techniques needed to make the most of this high level skiing.

Take a look at our off piste tuition options here:

Hunter Chalets

We all know how busy ski resorts can get around Christmas, New Year and half term. Are there any secret spots that families can have to themselves during this time?

Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

You may avoid the lift queues at the Lac Intrets chairlift by using the Grandes Combes instead and then just skate 50 yards across the top to access the exact same runs. Another tip is to ski at lunchtime – it’s amazing how much difference it makes. Avoid the busy restaurants between 12-2pm and enjoy the empty slopes instead. Then reward yourself to a hearty late lunch at 2:30-3pm in an empty restaurant!

There are always bottle-necks in the traffic both in certain areas of the resort and at certain times of day. Our current team our instructors have spent between 7 and 35 winter seasons in this ski area and know the area like the back of their hand. Part of the reason you may book a lesson is not just for tuition, but to be guided to the quieter areas and the ideal terrain for you, as well as having a priority lane to skip the lift queues.

Hunter Chalets

Talking of busy times; getting ski lessons booked in advance is a real advantage to people visiting at peak times. What courses would you advise for families staying for a week?

Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

During school holiday weeks we have some great group skiing courses running Monday to Friday from 6-8yrs easy blue up to 11-15yrs Black run freeski groups (max. group size 8) running 2.5 hours each day. They always fill well in advance so please enquire now to avoid disappointment –

Ideally, adults in the family may pair up or form a small group of skiers at a similar standard to each other and have an instructor in a private group environment.

We find that the morning lessons at the beginning of the week are the most popular. We can spot any bad habits early and get your holiday off to the perfect start, allowing you to get the most of the rest of the week. Again, we recommend enquiring ASAP in order to choose the best times for your lessons as our schedules are already filling fast.

Hunter Chalets

The views from Avoriaz and the surrounding area are hard to beat. What runs can guests do to take in some of the best scenery in the Portes du Soleil?

Avoriaz Alpine Ski School

The scenery plays a huge part in why we all love this sport so much. The mountain landscapes on our forested Portes du Soleil wonderland are something out of a fairy tale. Heres a few spots to take it in:

From the top of the Mossettes Chairlift, take the Abricotine Blue Run which begins following the ridgeline that is the border between France and Switzerland. To your left you will see the stunning Swiss mountains and the infamous Dents du Midi skyline. To your right, large Alpine bowls dropping into forested valleys towards Morzine. It’s also one of the longest runs in Les Portes du Soleil.

For red run skiers, take a deep breath at the top of the Grandes Combes Chairlift – the highest part of the Portes du Soleil ski area. Take in the stunning views into the Morzine and prepare for almost 1.5km vertical descent down to Prodains

Finish your day at the top of the Proclou chairlift – watch the late afternoon sunset light in one direction towards Super Morzine or look into the forested Lindarets bowl in on the opposite side of the ridge. Then drop into Avoriaz for a celebratory beer and some hearty food. There’s no better quality time you can spend with friends and family.

Look out for the second and third instalments of our interview with Avoriaz Alpine Ski School for more insiders information on skiing in the Portes Du Soleil.

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